When a couple comes to us for help we typically meet as a foursome to get to know them and to understand what they are trying to achieve. No two couples are the same and so we spend our first session simply getting to know them and their hopes, dreams and also their discomfort.

Our objective is the same in every case: that the couple will reach a shared understanding of the challenges they face, rediscover their strengths and connect deeply and affirm their love for each other. For some couples this takes a while as they have to be willing to be vulnerable and to learn to listen. Each session lasts between one and a half to two hours.

We usually work couple to couple and also with each person on their own. The key to progress is commitment and a willingness to learn and to change. Not all couples can make that commitment and so, from time to time, we have to bring our involvement to a close without obvious success. We never seek to take sides or to create a dependency upon us.

Our coaching works best when couples are able to turn to God and seek his help. When couples are in agreement we also pray with them. In addition we offer support between sessions. We encourage each couple to build their own Marriage Map, their personal plan or vision for the next stage of their marriage journey with landmarks for the longer term too.

It has been rewarding to see couples learn new skills and deepen their love for one another.