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Church Support

We offer a range of courses and single teaching sessions that can either be run by Steve and Chris and their team or provided as resources for your church to run your own events. The emphasis is to mix practical marriage teaching with biblical truth.

Maximise Your Marriage

Practical marriage teaching

Can be run on a single day or over three evenings
We can provide teaching notes, delegate notes and presentation slides

Marriage for Men

A look at the vital issues men face within marriage

Yes, we cover sex and the damage caused by pornography but there is so much more for men to learn.

Do Marriage Well

The New Wine Seminars

We presented this teaching in two seminars at New Wine in July 2018 and can bring this teaching to your church.

Marriage support for Church Leaders

Leaders benefit from our core marriage teaching

Church leaders benefit from the same core marriage teaching as everyone else but they also face some unique challenges as they balance their marriage with the demands of the wider church family. This teaching is offered to groups of church leaders but also on a 1:1 basis to couples in leadership.

Hot topics

We increasingly find that couples are reluctant to commit to a course that lasts several or a whole day of teaching. Recently we found that couples will come along to a single evening that covers just two or three topics. We write our teaching as short modules that can be combined together in different ways depending upon the time available. Popular topics include communication, conflict, marriage foundations, understanding your spouse and the seven year itch. Contact us for more examples and to discuss how we could help you.

Build a Marriage Support Team

A great way to boost your marriage support team is to give some foundational teaching to your team and then look at the typical issues that arise as you offer support to married couples. We also cover the practicalities of supporting team members, where to go for professional help and how to navigate the challenges of confidentiality yet support for your team members. Each church community has a unique marriage demographic so the training is tailored to your situation.

Pre Marriage

Our teaching works equally well for those preparing for marriage and so please contact us about how we can help those preparing for marriage.