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A Passion for Marriage

When two people fall in love and marry they want everlasting love. Our wedding day is meant to be the launch-pad for a sustaining relationship. We all start with amazing hopes, great expectations and dreams; for better or worse, for richer or poorer. The reality is that marriage is better than we can ever imagine and yet, at the same time, much harder.
We embark on this journey with very little preparation. Some couples seem to breeze through life and their marriage seems to glow. The rest of us find that we have to work at it. In fact, the longer we are married, the more life seems to test us. Births (or lack of them), deaths, tiredness, health issues, finances and work nudge our contentedness at best; storm us at worst.
Real marriage lives in the jumble of emotions. Our passion is that we navigate seasons of glory and pain and still maintain the golden thread of connectedness to each other. We hope you find resources and help here so that you can stop and ponder with us how to Do Marriage Well.
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About Us

We have been married for 37 years and are passionate about helping couples to deepen and, if necessary, repair their marriage connection. We are based at Trinity Church Cheltenham where Chris is on staff as an Associate Pastor.

Over the past eight years we have written several marriage courses, chatted and prayed with countless couples and worked with a top marriage therapist to help couples grow and develop their marriage skills.

We work with people who have faith and those who don’t but we start from the place that God wants us to live and love well and that the bible has plenty of wise advice on the subject of relationships. The results have been wonderful and the stories inspiring.

We are simply looking to share our insights and knowledge with individuals and couples and also to provide resources for churches to develop their own marriage support.